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We create distinctive sound identities that convey powerful imaginations and amplify the brand's story.

Our vision

We believe in the power of music.
Its power to create deep, lasting emotional connections and convey a dream-world or outlook.
Its power to define a stance, highlight its distinctiveness and stand out in a complex environment. Its power to unify and bring people together. Its power to spark attention and win hearts and minds.

Audio Branding

The creative imperative in brand sound strategy

Let's be honest : creatives in large agencies are often sceptical of the concept of a sonic branding. That’s why, at Chut! On vous écoute, we’re trying harder than ever to create cool sound identities that showcase creative visions.
We are determined to make sonic branding an essential part of the brand experience and not just "an ugly logo we have to add in at the end of a film".
Phase 1 : Analysis

Whether starting from scratch or refreshing an existing sonic branding, we begin with a thorough audit. Before starting any creative work, we assess the brand’s existing strategy, analyse the competitive landscape and identify opportunities for lasting impact.

Phase 2 : Sound strategy

In line with your goals and your brand DNA, we develop a sound platform structured around a central creative concept. Collaborative workshops and lively discussions around audio moodboards enable us to approve a unique musical territory that will be the cornerstone of the creative phase to come.

Phase 3: Creation

The magic happens in our studios. Surrounded by a network of creative artists and musicians, our in-house composers will breath life into these concepts and compose your sonic branding.

Phase 4: Implementation

sonic branding isn't just about (good) music! We work together to define the short, medium and long-term objectives to give your brand its distinctive identity across all touchpoints. We provide clear, complete guidelines. We organise workshops for you and your partners to ensure the results are perfect – which maximises the use and impact of your new sonic branding.


Brand Audit

What does your brand sound like?

Sonic logo

A good sonic logo is a little more than a "jingle".

Brand Anthem

The quickest (and most effective) route to emotion.

Brand voice

from the casting of your voice-over to the production of a true vocal strategy, empower your brand by giving it a unique sound.

UX/UI sounds

Take your UX/UI thinking further still by offering your customers the sound experience they truly deserve.


Rhe considered, strategic use of music can improve your customers’ experience and how they see your brand. This then results in boosted sales performance in your stores (and might just save the lives of your employees !).


Music Management

Unlock music’s full potential across all of your channels thanks to our expertise in music management: supervision, programming and collaboration with artists.

We work with your agency

Advertising is a collaborative process. We're convinced that the best results are achieved when video, design and audio converge seamlessly.
A creative partner recognized by advertising agencies, with numerous award-winning campaigns to our name, we bring our unique experience to enhance our understanding of your audio needs when constructing a sound identity for your brand.We’re already excited by the idea of working side by side with your agencies !