Audio Branding

Leroy Merlin

Création de l'identité sonore de Leroy Merlin

Chut! on vous écoute created Leroy Merlin’s new audio branding, reinterpreting the iconic Rod Stewart song “Sailing” for the brand’s latest TV campaign, “L’Aventure d’une vie.”

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Case Study



Leroy Merlin, the leading DIY store chain, wanted a new, impactful and coherent sound territory to embody its vision and assert its new positioning in all its communications.

Chut! on vous écoute began by reflecting on a counter-current audio branding, embodying the concept of “the time to choose”. Humility, accomplishment, benevolence, determination: there were many principles aiming to be transcribed by sound.

Composed of a sound logo and a brand anthem, this new sound identity is now deployed on all of Leroy Merlin’s communication media: TV advertising, online, radio, short programme “Du côté de chez vous”, points of sale, on-hold phone music and more.

The launch

In February 2017, the new sound identity was revealed at the launch of the TV campaign “L’Aventure d’une vie”, performed by the Agency BETC.

To maximise its impact, we chose to reinterpret Rod Stewart’s iconic track to make it consistent with the brand’s new sound territory and reveal the poetic atmosphere of the campaign.

Leroy Merlin

L'aventure d'une vie

Christian Maitresse
Brand Expression Manager

“It is important to find a partner who can translate our words into notes and compose a sound signature that perfectly reveals our personality.”


Ipsos Post-Test Study

An Ipsos Post-Test Study revealed that the campaign brings emotional charge to a level rarely reached in TV, with music spontaneously cited by 17% of spectators as a strong element of the spot – well above average.

Transform Awards Europe 2018
Gold – Best Audio Branding
for Audio Branding Leroy Merlin

Cristal Festival 2017
Silver – Best use of music
L’Aventure d’une vie