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Audio Lab
Original music
Voice over


Design / Production: Superbien
Music / Sound design: Chut On Vous Ecoute
Voice over Cécile Cassel

Immersive Art Festival

In 2019, for its first edition, the Immersive Art Festival brought together 11 international creative teams for a visual and sound show at the Atelier des Lumières.

The Superbien agency presented its Siderea installation, a deeply immersive and poetic story that took us to the farthest reaches of the universe to encounter a gravitational anomaly.

We're proud to have been able to create the soundtrack for this extraordinary experience, combining electronic music and immersive sound design, all accompanied by Cécile Cassel's narration.

An exceptional visual and sound spectacle that has won two awards: Best Narrative Fiction (Immersive Art Festival 2019) and Best Immersive Fiction (Virtuality).