Audio Branding

In Vivo

Création de l'identité sonore pou In Vivo

Chut on vous écoute is behind Invivo’s audio branding. Discover why this B2B group wanted audio branding and the solutions we created.


In 2016, Invivo – France’s leading agricultural cooperative assembly – decided to complete a new visual rebrand alongside developing its own audio branding for the first time.

As a B2B group, Invivo is a global player, with more than 200 cooperatives and over 10,000 employees in 34 countries. There’s a great deal of internal communication and within its network, allowing sound to become a natural and powerful vector of its values: unifying, human and vital.

Invivo is structured around five business areas: Agriculture, Nutrition & Animal Health, Wine, Retail & Consumer, Food & Tech. To consolidate this group vision, we built a solid foundation by creating a sound signature. Light, simple and energetic, it reminds the listener of the vitality of the logotype and the musicality of Invivo name.

We then composed a brand anthem – pop, modern and statutory – that could unite employees and reflect the momentum of the group. We also proposed a more classical, elegant version to accompany more formal situations, and a more contemporary version to carry the sometimes very technological discourse of the group.


This sound identity was revealed at the group’s annual convention at the Palais des Congrés. For this, we proposed an events version of the anthem, with alternates adapted to the different launches of this extraordinary event.