Audio Branding

Harmonie Mutuelle

A tailor-made

Harmonie Mutuelle

Case study


Harmonie Mutuelle has been helping people live better for over a decade!
With its strong heritage and clear positioning, the brand needs to be better identified. In order to best translate the brand’s clear principles and embody their signature “Avançons collectif“, it seemed important to create a strong audio branding that would radiate Harmonie Mutuelle’s values. Chut! on vous écoute created a brand anthem entitled “GO”, based on commitment, collective action and optimism.

The musical DNA
of Harmonie Mutuelle

Our response.

This lively, unifying music has a dynamic melody that is original and easily recognizable, giving Harmonie Mutuelle the opportunity to highlight its warm, human aspect.

We composed two versions of this main music:
A softer, more serious version, in a more emotional and serious spirit. Here, no claps or choruses, but classical instruments take over and carry us away in a melody that touches our affection.

And the “main edit“, the more upbeat version featuring all the elements of vocals, claps and percussion, clearly conveys an upbeat, positive energy to the audience.

Sound logo and
brand pillar

A direct descendant of the brand anthem, the sound signature (or sound logo) embodies the pillars of the brand. It is the cornerstone of the brand’s identity, and should ideally be used in all brand communications.
It is built on the essential elements of the audio branding: the committed, frank tone played on the piano, and the closing claps to remind us of the unifying aspect.