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Electro Dépôt

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Creating a sound identity

Electro Dépôt

Case Study


Electro Dépôt, a company specialising in electrical appliances, multimedia and leisure, was facing two challenges: lack of prominence in a hugely competitive marketplace and a brand that consumers still perceived as vague and undefined.

To address this issue, Electro Dépôt decided to try a new sound identity to align its brand and values more powerfully. The sound identity created by Chut! on vous écoute was therefore adapted for use in all communication materials and was revealed during the brand’s first TV campaign.


Electro Dépôt



Electro Dépôt, which operates a large chain of discount stores in France, had a dual aim. Firstly, the company wanted to differentiate itself from its many competitors, and, secondly, to improve its brand image to grow its trust capital and better embody the quality-price promise.

Our solution.

In order to keep to Electro Dépôt’s well-defined principles, Chut! on vous écoute decided to create a clear, assertive and dynamic sound identity that would ‘hit the right note’ straightaway, while staying true to the brand’s empathetic, optimistic image.

We composed a clear, original sound logo that appears throughout the brand’s messaging. We also composed the anthem and the brand voice.