Audio Branding

Chauffeur Privé

Stratégie sonore pour Chauffeur Privé

Founded in 2011, Chauffeur Privé is the French leader in the chauffeur driven cars market. In this highly competitive sector, marked by the presence of the giant Uber, the brand is launching two strategic projects in 2016.

–  A new app, even faster and more intuitive
–  A new logo and visual rebrand


As part of the redesign of these tools, Chauffeur Privé asked what sound strategy should be put in place to enable the brand to:
–  simplify the user experience and make it more enjoyable
–  convey its values and its DNA
–  differentiate itself from the competition, increase brand recognition and develop its reputation

Audio Branding

Chauffeur Privé


Our aim was to create a strong and distinguishing sound signature, with the ambition of placing it directly in the heart of the user experience.
We used instruments with both percussive and round sounds, like the marimba and the xylophone. With an offbeat tone and a retro touch, the signature evokes simplicity, ease, evidence and efficiency.

Based on this sound signature, we designed a series of sound notifications intended to mark and add rhythm to the different stages of booking on the Chauffeur Privé mobile app: validation of the reservation, confirmation of pick-up, arrival of the driver, and beginning and end of the journey.


These discreet and unique sound notifications provide both customers and drivers with a more fluid, intuitive and enjoyable experience.
By capitalising on its booking tool to convey its new audio branding, the company enjoys maximum impact for its controlled costs.

This first collaboration equipped Chauffeur Privé with an innovative identity system for its sector, becoming the first VTC company to rely on sound to develop brand attribution and further assert its difference.

Yann Ascoet
CEO Chauffeur Privé

“At Chauffeur Privé, we have never had the opportunity to ask ourselves the question of audio branding. Chut on vous écoute advised us and accompanied us in this process. A very nice experience and, on arrival, a real added value for our communication.”