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Abeille Assurances

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Aviva has reinvented itself and reverted to its former name – Abeille Assurances!
This French insurance company is evolving while staying true to its historical roots. Today, the brand’s keywords are “reassurance“, “commitment” and “emergence“. Chut! on vous écoute has created a serious, optimistic, reassuring sound identity for Abeille Assurances to give the brand new momentum.
This sound identity is a key lever – it allows the company to raise its brand profile and differentiate itself from the competition. The sound identity created reflects Abeille Assurances’s modernity and heritage while also propelling it towards the future.

A customised sound logo that

embodies the brand’s values


In an ultra-competitive market where the intricacies of what we say and how we say it converge, how can we adopt a daring, profile-raising, creative approach?

Our solution.

To create a bespoke sound identity, we drew on the brand’s DNA, which is grounded in commitment, empathy and strength.
We envisaged a modern, inspiring sound identity that would pick up on the codes used in pop music – an accessible, popular and inviting musical setting.
This daring and differentiating music presents an original melodic motif that is easily recognised, enabling Abeille Assurances to stand out in a highly competitive marketplace.

We composed a clear, original sound logo that appears throughout the brand’s messaging. We also composed the anthem and the brand voice.