Agence experte en création d'identité sonore

Our vocation is to use music and sound in a strategic and creative way to value what is unique and differentiating among our customers.

The power of sound

Every business has its own sound footprint, whether it’s conscious or not. That’s why we’ve developed a creative and rational approach to constructing strong and distinguishing audio branding for our customers.

We believe in the power of music and our experts put it at the service of brands and their audiences. We compose beautiful and inspiring music in our studios – tools that stir emotion and strengthen the public’s commitment to the brand.

Our vision

Audio branding is much more than a jingle.

A successful sound identity is one that naturally unfolds from a brand’s tone. Our team works with you to create the tools to connect all the dots of interaction between your brand and your customers, ensuring impact and coherence.

We create all 7 sound markers of a brand:

  1. On-hold music: Phone is one of a brand’s first contact points – elementary and yet too often neglected
  2. Brand music: The anthem of a brand, whether it’s original music composed in our studios or a synchro
  3. Sound logo: The cornerstone of most sound identities – a short and memorable signature, deployed everywhere
  4. Advertising music: More creative TV, radio or web ads often require specific attention
  5. Voice: What’s the voice of your brand? Gender, age, personality – we’ll help you find perfect match to embody your values
  6. In-store music: Setting the scene for your sales or public reception areas
  7. Musical content: Brands are creating more and more content like podcasts, events, showcases, and playlists, where sound is key


We have a three-step methodology:

  1. Analysis, starting with you. Your brand DNA, your platform, your ambition, your objectives. Also, your competitors and your sound history. All these allow us to define the pillars of your audio branding. Together, we develop audio mood boards and propose a roadmap for your brand sound.
  2. The creation begins. We invent your soundscape in our studios, guaranteeing the highest standards.
  3. Final deployment. We deliver a bona fide sound charter that frames all uses and allows clear communication, internally and with your partners. We stay at your side until all your new tools have been implemented.